Illinois Holocaust Museum: Witnessing the Struggle for Justice


Dear Friends and Allies,

Since our inception almost a decade ago, we have been dedicated to combating genocide denial through education and activism and this year we continue with this vital work. Considering the massive amounts of misinformation about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina we are committed to providing accessible educational programming to preserve the memory of those we lost and honor those who survived.

January 9th, while celebrated as the birth of Republika Srpska, the smaller entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina, is in truth the beginning of the aggression particularly against Bosnian Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year, we commemorate this day on behalf of all witnesses. For all people who were courageous to share their experiences despite threats and intimidation.

Join us for a free and unique program opportunity at the Illinois Holocaust Museum on January 10th, 2019 at 6:30pm.

Witnessing the Struggle for Justice

Illinois Holocaust Museum | 9603 Woods Drive | Skokie, IL  60077

January 10, 2019   6:30pm

n a world still challenged by nationalistic violence, ethnic expulsion, genocide, and the response to the refugee crisis, join the Bosnian American Genocide Institute and Illinois Holocaust Museum for a captivating and important discussion on the challenges of international justice, truth, response, and prevention.

A Conversation With:

Mr. Isak Gaši, Author, Eyewitness: My Journey to The Hague and Bosnian Genocide Survivor

Mr. Shaun Koos, Co-Author, Eyewitness: My Journey to The Hague

Mr. Adam Weber, Former Trial Attorney at the ICTY Office of the Prosecutor

Dr. David Pettigrew, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Connecticut State University.



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